Why Choose Us?

We know, we get it. You’re getting a million emails a day from recruiters and staffing agencies all looking to get you hired. But are they really interested in you?

Do they care about you? Do they know your strengths? Know your passions? Understand your salary requirements?

No, probably not. They’re just looking to fill an opening.

But do you know who does want to get to know you?

Whitfield Recruiting.

Whitfield Recruiting is a boutique, women-owned firm in Kansas City, specializing in the creative industry.


Industry experts

Which means we’re experts in the creative field. And we do things a bit differently than the average recruiter. We know the field and the players and we understand what to look for in terms of benefits. Salary. Culture.

We prioritize value over volume. Which means we’re not placing people left and right just to get that commission. We’re invested. We want to see you succeed in a challenging role that will help you grow and achieve great things.


Personalized customer service

You’ve heard of the Four Seasons Hotels? The absolute pinnacle of customer service? Willing to bend over backwards to make their guests happy? Well, that’s what we do for our jobseekers. With Whitfield’s commitment to concierge service, we’ll get to know you so we can match you and your skillset to a company and a culture that’s a good fit for you. We’ll learn your talents, your skills, your hobbies, your work history and then go to bat for you.

To make sure you get the job offer you deserve.


Trust our reputation

No more sending your resume to arbitrary companies, wondering if you’ll get a response. Wondering if you’ll get an offer. Wondering if it’s an offer you’d even be willing to accept.

With our record in the creative industry and the solid relationships we’ve built, we have access to job openings at quality companies before they even get posted. And because our clients know we only stand up for the most outstanding candidates, a referral from us means something. Business owners and CEO’s all around the city look to us to help them grow their team with top talent.


We have your back

We can connect you with the right company to help you advance your career. To help you see opportunity that you didn’t even know was there.

Then we’ll answer any questions you have and help you prepare for your interviews so you’re walking in the door with poise and confidence, ready to knock their socks off and land the opportunity of a lifetime. The world is your oyster. Companies are waiting for you.


We recruit for the following positions:

Vice President Marketing, Marketing Director, Marketing Strategist, PR Director, Group Account Director, Group Creative Director, Project Architect, Designer, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Account Executive, Account Supervisor, Director of Marketing Automation, Content Writer, Marketing Insight Director, Account Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer and more!

We’re looking for Direct Hire, Contractors or Temp, On-Demand positions.

So if you’re ready for that next step in your career and to hear more about why you should choose Whitfield Recruiting, contact us today.

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