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We Are Whitfield Recruiting

For exceptional companies who need help with the hiring process, we provide innovative, creative recruiting to bring the most talented people to your team. A boutique, women-owned firm based in Kansas City, we do things differently than the average recruiter.

Customized & Personalized Search Process

When it comes to helping you find the right candidate, we believe in value over volume. Using our deep midwest referral network of creative professionals, we find the best and brightest talent to meet your specific business needs. Because we focus on niches within creative industries, we only source candidates whose skill sets seem custom-made for the position you’re hiring for.

Transparent Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing excellence and quality customer service, applying a transparent approach to helping you hire the right person. We spend time learning the ins and outs of your company before bringing you candidates in order to save you time and make the hiring process a no-brainer.

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